Friday, January 22, 2010

Motherblog 23 (ultra heat post)

Has anyone else come to the realisation that we have just gone through the biggest birthday pile on I have ever experienced.
I thought it was over.
How wrong i was...
Other than the birthday's, please come down to Dr Pong to hang out, play some ping pong and dance to the various soundtracks that Tarantino films have to offer.
Free Entry 1A Burton Street Darlinghurst 2010. (unofficial Big Day Out after party).

If anyone else lives in the same neighbourhood as me in Darlinghurst/Surry Hills you may have noticed the new butcher on Crown St and the 'loud' Window display that is out the front.

and again, same neighbourhood you may find somebody's father asleep on your door step. Maybe even your own...

Friday, January 1, 2010

motherblog 22 (2010. A new year, not so new blog)

Why i have not updated my blog-


2.)My birthday and everyone else's.


4.)Two christmas celebrations.


6.)Work hours.

7.)Sleep deprived laziness.

Sorry, need some form of excitement..

Favourite albums of 09....I would rather present what I have appreciated more in 09 regardless to how new or old.

Blood Orange (New Lo-fi pop project by Dev Hynes)

Crocodiles (80s electronic punk w/ Brandon and Charles from The plot to blow up the eiffel tower)

Jeremy Jay (Garage rock/New wave punk. Does a great cover of Suicide - Ghost Rider.)

O. Children (New wave/Goth punk)

Cold Cave (Experimental synth pop with Wes from Some girls & Caralee from Xiu Xiu)

After going through many of photographs, I have come to the realisation that i really did not take many after all. That has to change.

The month Simon and I stopped drinking was around the time we were graced with the first reasonably sunny day of spring with an invite to a BBQ. We thought it was socially acceptable if bought non-alcholic beers..

This is when the 'socialising' peaked.

I have thought about if Mario's lifespan based on a mushroom was the real deal.

I do have regrets in my life

Im going to end it here before I start writing about how much I love my friends.
On a final note..

A musical Genius has left us

RIP Rowland S. Howard


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Motherblog 21 (my 5 out of 09)

It began with the Nintendo Entertainment system...
Christmas 1991, opened up a NES pack including Super Mario Bros 3. I was in a two dimensional heaven.
I was experiencing new and exciting transformations with the likes of the 'Tanooki Suit', the 'Frog Suit' and the 'Hammer Suit'.
My siblings could not keep up with my addiction so i had to try and complete the game solo with Mario..and myself.
I did just that..
A few days later our house had been broken into with all of our belongings stolen including the NES with all of the games i had bought over the year.
I overheard a discussion between one of the detectives and my parents about how they were not too sure whether the thieves had weapons or not when the robbery took place...
After over hearing the discussion i could not sleep for weeks, i did not have Mario or Double Dragon to keep me occupied on those sleepless nights.
I would like to thank the thief/thieves for saving my childhood from possibly a very very unhealthy addiction.....
and then creating my adolescent sleeping disorder.


1- Bomberman World (I first played the demo version of this game and it did exactly what it was supposed to. It got me hooked and the multiplayer option is nearly drawing even with Super Mario Kart..)

2- Mortal Kombat (One of the reasons why the Entertainment Software Rating Board was founded for its graphic fatalities, blood and gore. They made 2 movies based on the game, genius.)

3- World Of Warcraft (This game has a large controversial background of addictions, epidemics, abbreviations and youtube videos. I once had a slight addiction to the game at one stage, something i am not proud of... This resulting in bloodshot eyes and blurred vision, possibly the reason why i am now short sighted. Addictions being so common South Park referred an episode to the game called Make love, not warcraft.)

4- Double Dragon (This is the ultimate 2 player beat em' up game. If you have a brother or friend you want to form a strong bond or friendship. Play two player Double Dragon mode with them and you will then be the ultimate team and become unstoppable! NOTE: Only in the game...)

5- GoldenEye 007 (So many new games have attempted to re-create something as good as GoldenEye and have failed miserably. It is and always will be one of the best first-person shooter games ever created, even if it was mostly ever played on N64 with those mammoth size controllers.)

Try finding this kind of cutting edge video game review in a magazine!!

Results of the Goth As Fuck party were like this...

I attempted this.

and got this..

Getting into character is tough..


Monday, October 19, 2009

Motherblog 20 (my 5 out of 09)

This is what you could call my celebratory blog for my 20th post and also to reminisce on the most outstanding top 5 of these things.
That are my interests...


1 - Eastbound & down. (Possibly the best character creativity i have ever seen!) Just watch it...

2 - Peepshow. (Two sexually-frustrated males with their thoughts being audible as a voice over.) This was close to number one, what else can i say!

3 - True Blood. (Everybody likes vampires.) When the female community talk about Sex And The City and you have no clue except for the fact Sarah Jessica Parker is in it. This is the unisex show everyone has been waiting for.

4 - Dexter. For those who do not find the regular crime shows remotely offence Goldblum.
(Great narration and dark humour.)

5 - The Inbetweeners. It beats skins....not as depressing either. (It beats Skins...)

Next 5 out of 09 will be Video Games


Friday, October 9, 2009

Motherblog 19 (Violent-ense)

The world is and always will contain violence, my intentions are not to come across as negative.
Its just some people are aiming in the wrong direction to solve the smaller acts of violence.
Especially Australian television programming like '60 minutes' or 'today tonight' blaming these acts of violence on movies or video games.
Dont try and ruin my childhood memories or interests by feeding this shit to the parents of today...
I grew up watching violent movies and playing the violent graphic games.
I turned out just fine....
I know for a fact that a large portion of my friends had the same childhood lifestyle. Living the non-violent dream after growing up in the Mortal Kombat, Doom and Street fighter era.
I can admit that i played these games because the animated violence was appealing. Playing Mortal Kombat at a younger age i used to desperately seek how to do all of the fatality moves, I envied the fact that when i played against the computer, it could do them whenever i pleased.

Technically the programs making these accusations are just contributing to the current culture wars of our time and ruining childhoods.

In regards to any of these games giving me nightmares, yes there was one. I am more than happy to admit that.
The game was Resident Evil 2 that was released on PS1. It was not so much the visual, but more so the audio that gave me nightmares.
Unfortunately the intense gaming music does not give you the exact effect that i experience as a fragile child. There was no music...

Looking back on it now, it was like having a pedophile breathing heavily down the back of your neck.

This is exactly what the parents of today should be discussing over tea/coffee..

I walked to hyde park last night in hope to catch the end of the first evening of the Noodle Festival.
Unfortunately it had been packed up for the night, though i managed to still come across some lanterns hanging from the trees, a mouse in a tree (which someone was so eager to climb) and a possum cross our path so casually its like as if we did not exist.

Keep an eye out for my photograph i have posted on

William and myself will be doing a set tonight at the 'Sexpo' party in Darlinghurst tonight, Also at the 'Goth as fuck' Duke party this Saturday night at the taxi club.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Motherblog 18 (beat down)

Sunday night (Long weekend).
After dinner with friends. I was planning on going out and watching a friend's Dj set down the street, BUT.
I now recall the last public holiday weekend, I did the the midnight 711 venture to wet my whistle after a 2 for 1 pack of popcorn.
On the way back i was jumped a few meters away from my own front doorstep..
Oh, and the NRL grand final is also tonight which makes me sweat nerves just thinking about it...

For example- over the past 3 months i have read so many articles on junior rugby league violence, if they cant keep that under control then what hope does anybody have..


So instead of risking my life, my pocket change, phone and dignity I am staying indoors where its safe.

Meanwhile the thought just came to me that i could be watching 'Wild Beasts' in birmingham tomorrow night rather than tip toeing around the violent weekend of the year.

Thinking of placing an order to Seth Brundle for a couple of Telepods. One here, the other for England...
well thats enough of bringing you down to my level for now.

Figure this out

happy long weekend?


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Motherblog 17 (where art thou...Now?)

-Jaleel White aka 'Steve Urkel'.-

In my early childhood i was really into the 90's sitcom 'Family Matters', mainly for the sheer purpose of hoping that the irritating neighbour 'Steve Urkel' would make an appearance...
The one episode that i favoured was when Larry Johnson teams up with Urkel as 'Grandmama' for a 2 on 2 street ball competition... Anything NBA affiliated at the time was up my ally.

In 2006 Jaleel was a victim of a suicide hoax that had spread stating that he was found dead in his apartment after shooting himself in the head.
It was said next to the body there was a suicide note with nothing more than his famous catch phrase "Did i do that".
I guess the public were a lot more gullible in 2006

My Attempt at being Steve Urkel for the 'class of 94' party at the taxi club. I was told i had created a new character that night. 'Marcauly Curkal'. insert catch phrase here... "i did do that".

Jaleel was also the voice for the popular television animation series after the Sega video game 'Sonic The Hedgehog'

At some time in his career, this actually happened..

Post Family Matters 0.25

Then.......and the now, So long high pants and suspenders. Hello camouflage blazers...

Ending it with a memorable moment. The Urkal Dance.
Yes. I have attempted this..